There are billions of people in this world drinking coffee every single day. Coffee is a beverage that can be served in many different ways, but if you are looking for the simplest type of coffee to try, then you have to go with black coffee. In today’s guide, I will tell you how to drink black coffee and actually enjoy it!

Black coffee is a type of coffee that is not only simple to prepare but is also very healthy and helpful in losing weight. The reason why so many people avoid it is because of the bitter taste. While this type of taste takes some getting used to, it is not impossible to start liking it at some point.

I want to go over five interesting tricks that you can use to make your black coffee taste better and less bitter. All these tricks include things that you can easily do as well as ingredients that you probably have at home. When you are ready to learn all about the tricks, feel free to move on to the next section of this article!

What Is Black Coffee?

For starters, I think it would be good to mention what black coffee is. Black coffee is the type of coffee you can make using coffee grounds and water. Nothing more, nothing less!

I know for a fact that some people are so used to thinking of coffee in a certain way that it never even occurs to them that they can drink it with no milk, no sugar, and no sweeteners at all. When I first started drinking coffee, I was very much into drinking those over-the-top coffees with coffee art and a lot of milk and sugar. They looked so appealing to me that a cup of regular straight coffee would have never been able to replace them.

But as more and more time passed and as I learned more about coffee, I wanted to taste more of it and less of sugar or milk. Then, I started learning how to make good black coffee.

What Is Black Coffee?

Well, when you try black coffee for the first time, you will think that there must be something missing in it. The taste is very bitter, even a bit strong, especially if you’ve been drinking sweet milky coffee your whole life.

Do not worry – there is a way to make the taste sweeter but still refrain from using milk and sugar. Natural sweeteners and a gradual decrease in the amount of milk and sugar that you use are only some of the options that you can consider.

How to Drink Black Coffee and Acquire a Taste for It

Having touched upon the various ways in which you can start drinking black coffee and like it, I would like to expand on them and even give you a few more tricks that you can try to achieve the same effect. Black coffee is great coffee, if you make it the right way. And you’ll appreciate this more and more when you learn how to take it.

Let’s get into my top five tips on how to drink black coffee and like it!

Clean Your Brewers Regularly

One of the first tips that I would like to talk about is the importance of having a clean brewer. This is one of the simplest tips for you to apply, and it will have a tremendous impact on the taste of your coffee, because anything stale left in your brewer will taint your coffee, whether you’re drinking it black or otherwise.

This tip can be applied to various types of brewers – a French press, a pour-over, or a regular coffee maker. No matter what type of brewer you are using to make black coffee, always make sure that it is as clean as possible before you start brewing your coffee. This includes throwing out the used coffee grounds and thoroughly cleaning and rinsing the separate parts of the brewers.

In case you are using a coffee maker, you will also need to run a descaling process every few months. You can use a vinegar and water solution and run it through the coffee maker to clean the internal parts from any grounds that might be left behind.

Play Around with Beans and Brew Methods

By trying out different things, I mean different brewers, different types of beans, different roast levels, and different grind sizes. The beans you used while drinking sweetened coffee will not necessarily be your first choice when it comes to drinking black coffee. You might need to change your preferred beans or even your preferred brewer.

arabica vs robusta beans

This is all part of the process of getting to know what you like and what suits your taste buds best. It will take some time to find the perfect bean and ideal brewer for black coffee, but I think the time and effort will be worth it!

Wean Yourself Slowly from Dairy and Sugar

You cannot expect to go from drinking the sweetest coffee ever to drinking black coffee overnight. Even if you try this, chances are that the taste of the black coffee will be so different to you that you will not like it. Even as I am saying this, it seems like a bit of an understatement – you will not only dislike it, but you might even go as far as saying that you hate it!

A simple solution to this would be to gradually decrease the amount of milk, sugar, or sweetener. That way, you will allow yourself to get used to the taste of black coffee over time. Eventually, you will be okay with drinking completely unsweetened coffee.

Switch to Natural Sweeteners

Another thing you can do is switch from using sugar or sweetener to using natural sweeteners. By this, I mean that you can use cinnamon, some cocoa powder, or even some vanilla extract to make the coffee sweeter. Then, you can also try decreasing the amount of natural sweetener that you are using until you reach the point where you are okay with drinking black coffee only.

Add a Little Salt

I cannot say that I have tried this, but I will make it a point to do it as soon as possible – a lot of people seem to be using salt to make their black coffee taste less bitter! It might sound like a long shot, but it is surely worth the try.

You should try adding only a pinch of salt to the black coffee. See how it tastes, and if you think it is still too bitter, try adding another pinch. It will surely help you refrain from using all that milk and sugar!

Pair It with Desserts

As the wise folks say, there is not bitter without the sweet. The contrast between black coffee and your choice of dessert is sheer heaven. So go ahead and have a donut, a piece of chocolate, or a slice of cake or pie with your cup of joe. The sweetness from these treats will bring out the toasty roasty tastes in your brew, and the bitterness from your coffee will keep your dessert from becoming too cloyingly sweet.

coffee and dessert

FAQs on Drinking Black Coffee

Before I wrap this guide up, there are a few other pieces of information on black coffee that I would like to give you. You can benefit from having this information at the back of your mind, so do not hesitate to read through it!

Is it good to drink straight black coffee?

Yes, drinking straight black coffee is a great thing, and there are several reasons for that, the most important being that your coffee will have a richer flavor, it will contain very few calories, and it will not contain any dairy.

In addition, you should know that black coffee can boost your energy, help you fight depression, help you lose weight, and give your body some nutrients. It can also help you lower the chances of developing type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even Parkinson’s disease.

When should I drink black coffee?

The best time of the day to drink black coffee is in the morning because this type of coffee can boost your energy. You can also drink it in early noon in case you did not have enough time to do it in the morning.

I do not recommend drinking too much of this coffee or drinking it late in the day because it can cause insomnia. Stick to drinking it only when you need an energy boost!

Once You Go Black, You Won’t Go Back

I hope that this guide helped you learn a lot of things about black coffee, how to prepare it, when to drink it, and how to make it taste good without using dairy or sugar. Black coffee will take some getting used to but will be great for your body and health in the long run.

Thank you for sticking with me through this guide. If you have any questions on black coffee or maybe even some experiences you would like to share, do not hesitate to do so in the comments below. I cannot wait to read everything you put down there!