There are many reasons why grinding your own coffee beans is better than buying store-bought ground coffee. You will have fresher coffee, better taste, higher quality, and more control over the grind size! However, you may be wondering whether to choose a burr grinder vs a blade grinder for your beans.

The answer is not as simple as saying one type of grinder is better than the other since your choice of a grinder depends on the kind of coffee you will be making, among other factors. This is why you need an extensive guide to help you choose the best product.

To explain the differences between grinders and save you from wasting your money on the wrong type of coffee grinder, I have chosen the top 3 burr grinders and top 3 blade grinders. I’ll give you the knowledge to purchase a high-quality grinder that will produce rich, flavorful coffee.

Imagine waiting anxiously for your new coffee bean grinder to arrive, only to discover that it won’t give you the right grind size for your coffee maker. This will waste your time and money, and worst of all, leave you sitting without your fresh cup of joe.

I have judged these products based on quality, price, and functionality to give you the best options to help you choose your new coffee grinder.

Main Differences Between Burr Grinders vs Blade Grinders

The main differences between burr grinders and blade grinders are:

  • A burr grinder consists of two revolving burrs, whereas a blade grinder contains a large propeller-like blade.
  • A burr grinder offers you more control, whereas a blade grinder offers you speed.
  • A burr grinder gives better consistency, whereas a blade grinder can be more convenient.
  • A burr grinder offers better durability, whereas a blade grinder is more affordable.
  • Burr grinders are good for large servings, whereas blade grinders are best suited for single servings.

The best burr coffee grinder is the OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, offering multiple grind sizes that boast precision and consistency as well as a powerful motor grind. The one-button function offers an easy-to-use coffee grinder for a decent price too.

In terms of blade coffee grinders, the overall winner is the Hamilton Beach Fresh Coffee Grinder, with its large capacity to grind beans for up to 12 cups of coffee. The removable chambers allow for easy cleaning as these parts can be placed in the dishwasher.

A top consideration when grinding coffee is the consistency of the grind. If you end up with inconsistent coffee grounds, it will alter the flavor of your coffee (and not for the better).

Burr grinders have more control over the consistency of the grind since the beans all have to filter through the burrs. Blade grinders can produce less consistent ground coffee if the blade misses a few pieces while it is spinning around. This means the taste of the coffee could be affected.

The main difference between these two types of grinders is the grinding method. While the blade grinder doesn’t always give a consistent grind, it is the more affordable option.

This means you should consider a burr grinder if you are looking for a perfectly consistent grind for something like a French press. However, if you are seeking a budget-friendly grinder, then you can opt for a blade grinder instead.

Burr Grinder vs Blade Grinder Product Reviews

Once you have determined which grinder type is best suited for your coffee habits, you can make your choice out of the best products from each category. I have weighed price, durability, consistency, and quality to find these top products for you.

Burr Coffee Grinders

1. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder - 18 Adjustable Settings, Portable Conical Burr Grinder for Camping, Travel, Espresso - With Hand Crank

The JavaPresse hand grinder is a great budget-friendly option for you if you don’t mind grinding your beans by hand. The handheld design gives you a lot more control over the consistency of your grind.

Key Features
  • 15 grind settings
  • Fully manual
  • Patented ceramic burrs

I enjoy the look of this product because it is affordable and gives me full control over how much I want to grind my beans. The only negative I would mention is when I feel lazy and merely want to press a button to grind my coffee, I instead have to grind the beans by hand.

  • Ultra-quiet grinding
  • No power needed
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in window to see the grounds
  • Takes longer to grind than electric grinders
  • Capacity to grind for one or two cups at a time

This hand grinder is perfect for personal use at home if you are grinding coffee for two people at a time. Customers gave this an overall rating of 4.3 stars, which is fitting due to its price and effectiveness.

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2. OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder 

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder , Silver

ir?t=caffestreets 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07CSKGLMMThe OXO conical burr grinder is simply designed with one function button and offers 15 grind settings plus added microsettings to allow for even more control over grind size. This gives you a total of 38 settings allowing you to choose the perfect grind, from fine to coarse, depending on how you will brew your coffee.

Key Features
  • 15 precise grind settings plus additional microsettings
  • Capacity to grind 3/4 lb or 12 oz of coffee beans
  • Reduced levels of heat to preserve flavor and prevent overheating of beans

The high-powered motor and conical burr are great for precision grinding and consistency to produce an even grind for my coffee beans. I also love the static reducing container and the one-button function, giving me a simple static free way to quickly grind my coffee. The quality of the steel burrs is also solid for the price point.

I found the process of cleaning the burr grinder to be a slight nuisance. The lower burr is not detachable, and it would have been helpful if the product included a cleaning brush to make the cleaning process easier.

  • Beautiful consistent grinds
  • Great quality for the price
  • Quick and quiet grinding
  • Slim and stylish design
  • Bottom burr not removable making cleaning a bit challenging
  • Oily beans may clog machine

In general, the OXO burr grinder is a fantastic choice for your home coffee brewing requirements. However, if you frequently enjoy brewing darker roast coffees, the higher oil content in those beans might lead to the grinder getting clogged.

Customers have given this an overall rating of 4.5 stars: The product comes at an affordable cost considering its excellent quality. It efficiently grinds coffee to perfection, ensuring you get your daily dose of caffeine just the way you like it.

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3. Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill

Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill - Freshly Grinds Up to 2.8oz Beans, Large Hopper with 17 Grinding Options for 2-12 Cups, Easy One Touch Operation, Cleaning Brush Included, Black

The Chefman coffee grinder comes fully fitted with a 110-watt motor, ensuring that you get the right grind from the 17 different grind sizes it offers.

Key Features
  • 2.8-ounce bean holder
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • 1-year assurance provided

I love the large grounds container, which enables me to grind large quantities of coffee beans in a few grinding sessions. However, the large container may work against me when it comes to cleaning time!

  • Large holding container for grounds
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to clean
  • Detachable grinding disc
  • Some grinds may be slightly inconsistent
  • Not suitable for a very coarse grind

In conclusion, the Chefman coffee grinder is a great option for home use and offers a seamless grinding experience. Customers gave it an overall rating of 4.1 stars due to the large container for the ground coffee and great customer service.

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Blade Coffee Grinders

1. Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans, Spices and More, Stainless Steel Blades, Removable Chamber, Makes up to 12 Cups, Black

The Hamilton blade grinder offers a seamless grinding method for your coffee beans with steel blades and a removable grinding chamber.

Key Features
  • Quieter than other models
  • Grinds spices as well as coffee
  • Stainless steel blades

This model is a good buy because of the compact size and hidden cord compartment. I also like the Hamilton grinder because of its ability to grind spices as well as coffee.

  • Inexpensive
  • Capacity to grind coffee for up to 12 cups
  • Removable grinding compartment
  • Dishwasher-friendly parts
  • The cord is shorter than other models
  • Small bean compartment

This model is great for use if you are making for yourself and one other person, but you may have to grind a few times if you are making coffee for more people. Customers gave this an overall rating of 4.7 stars due to its durability and affordability.

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2. Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder

Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans, Spices and More, Stainless Steel Blades, Removable Chamber, Makes up to 12 Cups, Black

The sleek design of the Bodum grinder offers a stylish addition to your kitchen. The compact size will fit well on your counter and grinds your beans with 150-watt motor power.

Key Features
  • Stainless steel cutting blades
  • Capacity to make 8 cups of coffee
  • Dual switch for pulsing and continuous grind

I love the smooth design, as it adds a stylish element to the kitchen and offers a quick coffee grind. I don’t like the louder noise compared to other models since I feel slightly guilty grinding beans early in the morning.

  • Hidden cord compartment
  • See-through lid
  • 2-ounce coffee bean capacity
  • The blade won’t start until the lid is firmly in place
  • May shed a small amount of bean dust
  • Slightly noisy

With an overall rating of 4.5 stars, this model is a great budget-friendly option for small households. The dual button offers a quick and easy switch between grinding methods.

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3. Krups Silent Vortex Coffee and Spice Grinder

Krups, Coffee Grinder, Silent Vortex Grinder with Removable Dishwasher Safe Bowl 12 Cup Easy to Use, 5 Times Quieter 175 Watts Dry Herbs, Nuts, Black

With a 175-watt motor on the Krups Silent Vortex Coffee and Spice Grinder, you know you will be enjoying fresh ground coffee to brew in no time—about 10-20 seconds, depending on the brewing method.

Key Features
  • Stainless steel blade and removable bowl w/ lid
  • Built to be impressively quiet and fast
  • Easy to use

The ability to grind much more than just coffee elevates this grinder above other models since you can grind your spices, nuts, and seeds. The stainless steel grinding container comes out completely for a much easier clean and is dishwasher safe. The container also comes with a lid for easy storage.

  • Portable
  • Grinds spices as well as coffee
  • 10-20 seconds to grind your beans
  • Grinds enough beans for 12 cups of coffee
  • Grounds stick under the blade
  • Uneven grind if too full

This grinder has a rating of 4.6 stars because of its compact size and powerful grinding skills. It comes with the option to purchase a model with or without a removable bowl. The removable bowl makes it much easier to clean.

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Once you figure out what grinder you need, check that you have decent coffee maker and a milk frother. Once you’ve got these, you’re good to go in sharpening your barista skills so you never have to go out for a decadent latte ever again!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between a Burr Grinder vs Blade Grinder


Price is a common feature when considering a new coffee grinder. This will help you determine which type of coffee grinder you should spend money on.

Burr Grinders Price

The burrs used in the burr grinder can be pricey, and therefore, these tend to be more expensive than the alternative.

Blade Grinders Price

The design of the blade grinders that sport stainless steel blades tends to be cheaper than the burr mechanisms.


The blade grinder wins in this category as generally, these grinders work out to be more affordable since the mechanisms are cheaper than burr grinders.

Grinding Power

Of course, one of the most important elements of a coffee grinder is the ability to grind your coffee. This feature sets various models apart by the speed and variety of grinds that the machines offer.

Burr Grinders’ Ability

The burr grinder effectively grinds coffee beans using a flat or a conical burr that evenly crushes the beans. You can find both high-powered models and hand grinders in this category.

Blade Grinders’Ability

The high-powered blades in these grinders are effective when grinding coffee beans, and can grind your coffee very quickly, but they don’t produce consistent grind sizes, as you will learn in a bit.


Both product types win in this category since you can find powerful grinders from both types that can give you speed. You can choose models from both types of grinders with a quick grind time.

Grind Consistency

The grind consistency is possibly the most important element of a good coffee grinder; this determines how even the grind texture comes come out, which can affect the taste of your coffee.

Burr Grinders Consistency

The burr grinders filter all the beans through the burrs, which creates an even grind throughout the entire grinding process. No beans are missed as it grinds through them.

Blade Grinders Consistency

The blade grinder isn’t guaranteed to cut evenly through all the beans, producing uneven grinds that may result in a bitter taste.


The burr grinder wins in this category since the burr mechanisms work to give a consistent grind on all the grind size settings.


Which Type of Grinder is Best for Coffee?

Both types of grinders are good for grinding coffee; however, the burr grinders tend to be more consistent, while the blade grinder is better in the price department.

Why are Burr Grinders More Expensive Than Blade Grinders?

The mechanical parts in the burr grinders are more expensive to manufacture than the stainless steel blades in the blade grinders. This creates a more expensive model, but keep in mind that the burr grinder will give you a more consistent, even bean texture.

How Can I Get the Best Consistency of Ground Coffee?

Burr grinders offer the most consistent grind due to the design of the two burrs working together to evenly grind your coffee beans. A high-powered burr grinder will produce the most consistent grind.

Final Thoughts

The type of coffee grinder you choose to buy will depend on your grinding needs, whether you are set on having precision-cut beans or if price is your determining factor. Either way, you cannot go wrong with the OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder or the Hamilton Beach Fresh Coffee Grinder.